From the spot where the fallen saintess lay, a peculiar plant sprung up whose flowers glowed with a soft light. Just as she was a light to the people, so too was this plant; its flower buds, when brewed into a potion, were discovered to have miraculous medicinal properties. In some men, however, they proved to have a greater effect.

Certain men who imbibed the so called Isabellum Elixir developed strange, otherworldly abilities. Many began to fear the power of this plant, while many others began to covet the powers it could bestow. The Crucian Empire at last decided that the plant was too dangerous and made its use taboo. The small grove in which it grew became the center of the great Fort Lucian and all access to the shimmering shrub was denied, save to those deemed worthy by the Emperor himself.

However, a rogue wizard named Lemegeton, both famed and feared for his mastery of forbidden magics, has somehow acquired a cutting of the Isabellum plant, and he has scouted out powerful warriors from far and wide, summoning them to his spire, the Pillar of Virtue. He promises to award an elixir to any who can clear his trials and make it to the top of the tower. Though many brave warriors have entered the Pillar of Virtue, so far not a single one has returned.

What awaits within Lemegeton’s spire, and what is the meaning behind his actions?

Lemegeton's Quest

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