Lemegeton's Quest

The Pillar of Virtue and the Wizard's Test

Berendor the pacifist priest and Tia the violent vagabond, old friends and traveling companions, were brought together to the isle of Nexus to undertake the trials of the wizard Lemegeton. It was there that they met an odd young woman named Olwen, who claimed to be only a tourist. In spite of that, she agreed to brave the trials with them, and so together they entered Lemegton’s spire, the Pillar of Virtue.

The first trial they faced tested their wisdom by pitting them against impossible odds to see if the three were wise enough to retreat rather than be annihilated. Wisdom was not the rash and battle hungry Tia’s strong suit, and she was nearly killed as a result. Fortunately, the wisdom of her allies was enough to reign in her headstrong spirit, and the three managed to escape with their lives.

The second trial was a test of grace under fire…literally. The athletic Tia and lightfooted Olwen easily passed the test of burning brambles, with Berendor bringing up the rear lightly singed.

Next up was a test of endurance wherein the three adventurers were pitted against the musically inclined Dretch Brigade. Thanks to Olwen’s surprising facility with magical devices, the dretch’s overpowering miasma was kept in check, and Berendor managed to keep Tia alive long enough with his healing powers for her to take down the dretch leader, a feat that sent the remaining dretch fleeing in fear.

Fourth was a test of intelligence. Though no scholar, Berendor’s cool headed reasoning lead them to complete the trial without incident.

The fifth trial was a test of charisma, wherein Olwen used her feminine charms to woo the hideous demon Big Beelz, convincing him with a deceitful kiss to unbar the way out before they were all crushed.

The sixth and last trial pitted the three of them in a difficult battle against Zazz Cultain, the first non-demon servant of Lemegeton that the three adventurers encountered. He possessed the Isabellum power of Gravity Arrow, which allowed his bow shots to draw his opponents towards him. The fight took place on a long mine field, and Zazz used his power to great effect, dragging both Tia and Berendor into mines. At last they managed to cross the mine field, and Tia ended the battle rather quickly with a berserk axe attack that nearly cost Zazz more than just the match.

With Tia’s rage quelled, at last the three made their way to the chamber of Lemegeton himself.


Dun dun dun! I sense that this Lemegeton is more than he seems!


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