Berendor Inglorion

Out of the Crucian Empire, traveling far and wide across the land, Berendor Inglorion comes with just a walking staff and a kind word. Devoted to the spread of peace, Berendor has vowed never to personally harm another sentient creature, though he recognizes the need for force in the pursuit of the greater peace.

Berendor is a tall elf, younger than he looks, actually only 32 years old, the years of toil and worry having worn on his face. He smiles often, trying to bring good cheer and peace even in the smallest interactions. While he may not know much of books, theology, or learned letters, Berendor tries to walk the true path at all times, and help all people at need.

Now he has come to Nexus to seek the Isabellum plant, convinced that this will hold the power to bring peace to the land.

Ten Questions asked of Berendor:

Where are you from?

I grew up in the small Crucian town of Denel, where people were simple and happy, and we were the farthest place from trouble. Why can’t everyone be as happy?

What is your family like?

My parents were craftsman elves in Denel, making a living doing woodwork and weaving. As far as I know, they live there still, as does my sister Nithiel. Perhaps one day the Holy One will lead me back there.

What is your social class?

I grew up in a moderately successful craftsman family. We always had enough to live comfortably, and even enjoy a few luxuries now and then.

What did you do before you became an adventurer?

I enjoyed life, watching the birds and just growing up.

Why did you become an adventurer?

I was called to become a Disciple of the Saint soon after reaching adulthood. As a caravan passed through toward St. Cruxus, I found a need to follow, and paid my way doing menial chores. There in the city, I joined the Church and learned the ways of the Saints. But I was not content to stay and be a settled cleric. I soon wandered off again, and found that I was most happy on the road, trying to spread peace to all I encountered.

How religious are you?

Moderately to highly religious. I am a devout believer in the Holy One, obviously, though I feel that its earthly representation sometimes can be misguided. I prefer to spread the peace of the Saints directly, and do not always answer to the Church.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies?

For some time now, I have traveled with Tia, the passionate human girl who moves to anger so swiftly and so rashly. I have started to see it as a test from the Holy One to help her find wisdom. She’s the closest thing I have to a long term friend, although I make many temporary friends on my travels. My relatively unorthodox methods, and willingness to flout the authority of the Church when it suits me, may have earned me some enmity among the higher ups.

What are your prized possessions?

My battered holy symbol, which is severely worn down from constant handling, is my most prized possession. The Church superiors have often tried to replace it, but I have always refused. I carved it myself from a fallen oak I came across on my caravan journey, and I see it as a representation of my personal link with the Holy One.

Who are you loyal to?

Tia, the Holy One, my family.

Who do you love/hate?

I love all sentient things, and even though they may need a sharp rebuke on occasion, I’ll try my best to set them on the right path, unless it is not possible. As I mentioned before, I have a strange commitment to set Tia on the path of wisdom. I hate evil, warmongers, and the undead, all of which are enemies to peace between mortals.

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Berendor Inglorion

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