Eliya Teirn

Attention all units.

At 0800 hours, we received the following all-points bulletin, which purports to originate from “Eladrin Central Command.” While suspicions remain that this is a hoax (as we have not heard from eladrin law enforcement authorities in more than 50 years), we are circulating this warning to all Crucian police forces out of caution:

Central Command has released a sketch (shown alongside) of the suspect who allegedly made off with a dangerous experimental device, stolen from the Main Laboratory in a daring daylight raid. The suspect, identified as Eliya Teirn, was described as an eladrin, approximately 100 years of age, of medium height and medium build, with reddish hair. She was last seen wearing black leather armor inlaid with arcane runes.

Sources believe that the suspect deposited the stolen device in a secret location before fleeing the country. Pursuit was suspended at the international border, and the suspect’s current location is unknown. Approach this suspect with caution, as she is known to be armed and extremely elusive. The suspect uses a variety of aliases and would be more than a match for most non-eladrin investigators; she has been connected with a variety of high-profile thefts in recent years but has never been detained for questioning.

Report all sightings, leads, and other information to Central Command immediately.

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Eliya Teirn

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