The name Lemegeton has cropped up here and there in historical texts dating back as early as five hundred years ago. Whether there were many men who shared this name over the centuries or just one who somehow freed himself from the flow of time is unknown.

What IS known is that seventy-five years ago a powerful, young wizard named Lemegeton founded a small settlement on the uninhabited isle of Nexus. He invited refugees and oppressed peoples from around the world to join him there, promising them a life free of hardship and persecution. Through potent magicks he summoned forth fearsome demons who obeyed his every command, and he set them to work cultivating the land and transforming the ramshackle colony into a prosperous, self-sufficient city. At the very center of the city he erected a great tower which he dubbed the Pillar of Virtue, and once it was completed he vanished within its walls. His magicks continued to sustain the city and its growing populace, but he made few public appearances.

The Crucian Empire largely ignored the goings on of Lemegeton’s little city, but when he managed to acquire a cutting of the heavily guarded Isabellum plant, the empire could no longer turn a blind eye. The Emperor himself commissioned the largest armada in Crucian history to besiege Nexus and go to any lengths to retrieve both the Isabellum cutting and Lemegeton’s head.

Presently the most wanted man in the world, Lemegeton is once again gathering people on the isle of Nexus, this time brave warriors who have come seeking the Isabellum plant’s power. His true motivations for doing so, however, are still a mystery.


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