Tia and her twin sister, Orla, were born to one of the many roving tribes of Jaundemair, known in Nexus as the performers, potion-brewers, and fortune-tellers that sailed the island’s shores in their colorful wooden boats. Orla, graceful and wild, was quickly accepted as the tribe’s star dancer even at a young age. Tia was wild in a less refined manner and preferred the company of the tribe’s men instead. Despite this, the two were nigh-inseparable, as twins often are, and as they grew older, Tia took it upon herself to keep her twin safe from the less scrupulous of the tribe’s patrons.

One deep night in the last spring, Tia, sensing sudden movement in the room she shared with Orla, woke to the sound of a slamming door and a loud splash. Initially believing herself to be dreaming, but then noticing her twin’s bed empty, Tia rushed outside to witness two figures grappling a third, quickly disappearing into the night. Tia immediately dove into the warm sea and set after them, but the shadows had far outdistanced her by the time she made the shore. Desolate by the loss, yet heartened by rumors of a stunning raven-haired Jaundemair dancer, Tia has been searching for Orla since.

An Interview with Tia

  • Where are you from?
    A boat.
  • What is your family like?
    <hostile stare>
  • What did you do before becoming an adventurer?
    The Jaundemair perform when possible. Sometimes we sell the jewelry or trinkets we’ve made. Otherwise we pray to Melora and pray to good folk like yourself.
  • Wait – we’re out of order. What is your social class?
    Did you not understand the part about the begging?
  • Riiight…next question. Why did you become an adventurer?
    My sister Orla was stolen from us in the night. I will bring her back.
  • How religious are you?
    What? How can you measure my religiousness? I honor the gods. Melora has guided me thus far. She shall continue to do so I pray.
  • Who are your best friends and worst enemies?
    <hostile stare>
  • What are your prized possessions?
    If you are asking about physical possessions, I have all that I need with me now.
  • Who are you loyal to?
    Orla. The Danune tribe. The old beard, maybe, if he still has any biscuits left and if he’d shut up about his Holy One…
  • Who do you love/hate?
    Who are you to ask me this? This is insane. Are we done here? <menacing blade swipes>


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